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Air Tractor Delivers

FNPT II GeoSim Flight Simulator:

For any Air Tractor pilot, the options for scenario-based training in this simulator are limitless.

From reduced visibility procedures to incident and accident reviews, where recent findings and lessons can be implemented almost immediately to prevent similar mishaps in the future.

Our simulator affords the opportunity to test the reactions of even the most seasoned professionals in Ag and Fire Fighting specific scenarios. As well as other emergencies such as a flight control surface jam, engine fire or smoke in the cockpit.

Drilling these Emergency Procedures, Standard Operating Procedures and helping with Cockpit Familiarisation are just some of the areas where this simulator shines.

With safety our primary focus, we hope to use this unique tool to improve the capabilities and confidence of all Air Tractor pilots. Helping new pilots transition into the industry more seamlessly while promoting recurrent training for the seasoned professionals.

Exact replica Air Tractor cockpit complete with GPS, force-feedback flight controls and a 270-degree field-of-view provides the unique experience of an ultra-realistic classroom.

Technical Information:

The GeoSim 802 Simulation device consists of the following;

Realistic control Stick, Rudder Pedals and Throttle quadrant. The control stick has an inbuilt force feedback system.
Analogue instrumentation replicates the exact configuration of the Air Tractor 802 aircraft which function almost exactly the same as the real gauges do in the actual aircraft ensures maximum transfer of learning and muscle memory retention but at a fraction of the cost.
Force Feedback:
Force-feedback on the Control Stick ensures accurate feel to the control surfaces with changes in airspeed and weight configurations, resulting in a realistic control feel, which adds to the development of muscle memory and rapid emersion into the simulation scenario.
Instructor Station:
The GeoSim Instructor system makes use of touch screens to ensure easy manipulation of the Flight Platform and comes with a camera system to monitor and record Pilot behavior patterns under stress.
The GeoSim device comes complete with an extensive range of emergencies from minor malfunctions to complete control failures. Many of these emergencies cannot be performed in the actual aircraft without extensive risk to the aircraft and occupants.
Environmental changes:
in temperature, pressure altitude, humidity, wind velocity etc can be simulated with valid effects on airplane performance.
Flight visibility:
can be adjusted from full day to full night conditions and local thunderstorm and lightning activity can be simulated.
Multiple models:
GeoSim has designed and programmed the current flight model for the 802 from scratch and as such it is well within our ability to create an additional flight model for the 502 and be able to switch between models.
GeoSim G430 GPS units:
To minimise negative habit transfer, GeoSim has developed its own G430 replica GPS units which mirrors the functionality of the actual Garmin 430 GPS.
Flight Instruments:
The GeoSim flight instrumentation mirrors not only the look but also the functionality of the actual Air Tractor.
Engine Instrumentation:
GeoSim has spent a huge amount of time to ensure that the engine instruments mirror the functionality of the actual aircraft. This major development means that start- up and shut down procedures on the PT 6 turbine power plant can be practiced repeatedly, thereby ensuring that Pilots are less likely to damage the engine in the actual aircraft.
Fire Retardant Control System:
GeoSim has further developed the FRCS to operate with the Flight Platform in a consistent manner, allowing retardant dumping procedures to be accurately emulated in the simulator.
TracMap System:
GeoSim having built the software bridge between the TracMap system and its Flight Platform is able to offer as either part of the Simulation Device or as an after sales add-on the TracMap GPS guidance system for agricultural aircraft.