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Baden Powell Road
Building F, Stellenbosch Agri Park
Stellenbosch, South Africa, 7603

About Us

Air Tractor Delivers


With over 20 years in the aviation industry, specialising in finance and business management, Graham has forged a reputable career within this space.

Graham’s vision for the Ag Aviation Flight Academy is that it supports safety in the industry, develops new pilots, and is an aspirational school that will be seen as a global leader in the years to come.

Graham is the accountable manager for Ag Aviation Flight Academy. He is responsible for the strategic direction of the academy in conjunction with industry experts, overseeing all operations and business developments.

Graham Wells – Director

Chief Flight Instructor

Koos (H.J.) Kieck, a veteran aviator with a lifelong passion for flying, has spent over five decades dedicated to aviation. Married to Linda for 51 years, they are proud parents of two sons: Erich, and Carl.

Koos’s aviation journey began as a student pilot in the South African Air Force (SAAF) in 1968, where he earned his wings on December 5, 1969. Over the years, he piloted a variety of aircraft including Harvards, Impalas, and Mirage 3s, eventually becoming an Air Warfare Instructor (PAI) and an instructor in 1972. After a distinguished career in the SAAF, Koos retired in 2009.

Post-retirement, Koos joined Aerosud as chief instructor on Impalas at Hoedspruit, training Gabonese pilots for their Air Force. Following this tenure, he transitioned to WOF/FFA as a fire bomber pilot, operating Dromader and Thrush aircraft before spending the last five years of his firefighting career on the Air Tractor 802. Koos retired from fire fighting at the end of 2022, having contributed significantly to wildfire suppression efforts.

In his current phase of life, Koos dedicates his time to giving flying instruction wherever he can, motivated by his deep gratitude for the opportunities aviation has provided him.  As Chief Flight Instructor at AAFA, he eagerly looks forward to meeting new aviators and continuing to share his wealth of knowledge and experience in the aerial application field of aviation.

Koos (H.J.) Kieck

Grade III instructor

Born in 1961 in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), Mitch Spall attended St George’s College before beginning his career in the Air Force as an apprentice for aircraft engines and airframes. Mitch relocated to Pietermaritzburg, South Africa in 1982, where he handled proclamations and expropriations for a civil engineering consultancy.

In 1987, Mitch obtained his flying licence and began his first fire season with Orsmond Aviation in June 1988. This experience led him to join the Kwa-Zulu Natal Fire Protection Association in 1991, eventually serving as their Chief Pilot until 1999. During winters in KZN, Mitch engaged in crop spraying with Orsmond Aviation and later joined Rautenbach Aerial Spraying in 1994, balancing aerial spraying in the summer with firefighting in the winter.

In 1998, Mitch founded Natal Aerial Spray. Over the years, he grew the company substantially, eventually owning two Turbine Thrush and a Turbine Air-Tractor by 2008, alongside various piston aircraft. In 2007, Mitch acquired a farm in the KZN Midlands where he began breeding Dexter cattle. Mitch has two children from his first marriage. After divorcing in 1990, he married Lyn in 1994, with whom he has two children and remains happily married.

In 2023, Mitch decided to sell Natal Aerial Spray for financial reasons. The following year, he obtained his Grade III instructor’s rating and joined Ag Aviation Flight Academy, relocating to Somerset West. Here, Mitch is eager to tackle new challenges and contribute to an industry that has been integral to his life for over 35 years.

Mitch Spall


Ag Aviation Africa is the Air Tractor dealership for Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. The demand for Air Tractors has increased dramatically but there aren’t enough pilots to fly them. Ag Aviation Flight Academy is focused on providing exceptional Agricultural Flight Training and Air Tractor Engineer’s courses. With our brand-new Geo Sim Flight FNPT II simulator, based at our state-of-the-art facilities in the Cape Winelands, we are providing top-quality initial and recurrent training to enhance flight safety for all Ag-Pilots and operators. All our courses are endorsed by Air Tractor Inc. Ag Aviation Flight Academy is improving the quality and safety of agricultural training with our world-class facilities and a forward thinking approach.


To be the industry leaders in training and development. Providing pilots and engineers with the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure world-class service for all our clients and stakeholders throughout Africa and the Middle-East.


To be one of the best Air Tractor training facility for pilots and engineers around the world. Helping meet the demand for aerial applicators and technicians in Africa and abroad.



With a strong focus on safety, the quality of education we provide is highly prioritised. We are an approved part 141 flight school with comprehensive, ICAO approved training programs.


Apart from the FNPT2 approved flight simulator with life-like 802 flight controls and aerial application specific systems, AAFA has invested in its own AT504 for dual, side-by-side flight training. Perfect for initial type and introduction to turbine ratings.


Our instructors are exceptionally experienced. Particularly in air application and fire bombing, to provide you with invaluable lessons and guidance throughout all phases of your career.




Our simulator provides the opportunity to endorse Air Tractor approved/verified crew members. In turn, reducing often excessive insurance premiums.


Offering cheaper travel and accommodation compared to our European counterparts. AAFA is nestled away in the wonderful Western Cape with an abundance of attractions only Africa can offer.


For the first time, African Ag-Pilots and Engineers will not need to make the laborious journey to Europe each year. With a local operator like AAFA, regular refresher training will be more practical, affordable and accessible.


The Air Tractor is a high technological marvel that requires the best possible training, line checks and endorsements of pilot capability that can only be checked in a flight simulator.

our team

Elsabe Carstens

Elsabe Carstens

Flight School Manager

Elsabé has been working in the aviation industry for over 16 years. Most of her experience has been founded in the training sector. Her passion towards the people and industry reflects in her work. Elsabé is our ‘go-to-person’ with regards to everything flight training related. Having joined the team in 2021 she is key support to the Sales Department while also working as the AAFA Flight School Manager. With her bubbly personality and good sense of humour, she makes customers feel right at home.



Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Henry is another new addition to the team. With an extensive history working in the SAAF where he has spent 22 years building his career. Specialising as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and Flight Engineer on both fixed and rotary wing aircraft. With this wealth of knowledge, Henry has successfully completed his instructors rating to pass on some of his knowledge and expertise. Henry has been appointed as our Operations Maintenance Manager and will be attending to all customer needs, continue building relationships and assist in training aspiring engineers.


This simulator is going to make a huge difference to the safety and training standards for aerial applicators in Africa. The ability to drill Standard Operating Proceedures and in-flight emergencies is immense. This machine is highly capable.

- Valentin Villanueva

Instructor, Air Tractor Europe

One of the best simulator replicas I’ve seen. Every piece is an original Air Tractor part. With the 270 degree view and force feed-back in the controls, it’s hard to believe that this is not a full motion simulator. An extrodinary experience indeed!

- Rhett Shillaw


The feel of the controls in combination with the projectors create a very accurate experience. At the very least, the cockpit familiarisation will provide sufficient prep for when you get into the real thing. The training centre itself is very professional with friendly staff. Equipment is new, clean and in great condition. Flying at AG Aviation Africa has truly been a great experience.

- Christiaan Pieterse

Pilot, AG